Who are we?

What is Armonizar?

Armonizar is a non-profit institution founded in Peru in 1997, dedicated to the promotion of the physical, psychological and spiritual harmony of children with lip and palate fissure.

It is formed by a team of health professionals and volunteers, committed to the integral rehabilitation of children born with this malformation, especially the neediest children.

Work is extended to the family of each child which is provided with the information and the support they need.


It all started in 1997 when a friend from Chincha a small town in the south of Peru asked us to help a child of vey limited economic resources who had a disease. We didn’t know what it was. His name was Aldo and he had cleft palate and lip.

The first thing we noticed was that our little friend did not only need financial help. He needed medical treatment, care and above all plenty of love. So with a group of friends from the Christian Life Movement we saw the need to organize activities to sponsor him and so we did.

When we started looking for help we realized there were many other children who could not find a space for inetgral rehabilitation. There was no place in Peru that could offer help in the many areas needed in such cases. We then decided to ask our doctor and therapist friends to help us provide more effective help. After reading the book The Silence wtitten by a person who is very special for us, Germàn Doig, we decided to name the newly formed institution ARMONIZAR. Our goal has always been to achive integral harmony in the children and we know this will be fully achieved in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1999 thanks to the invaluable help form the medical Center “Sacred Family”, of the association Solidarity in March, located in a very poor area of Lima, San Juan de Lurigancho, we managed to have our fisrt permanent consulting office where we started providing treatment in the education/training of voice, speech and language as well as family counselling and other workshops. But we needed more space!

The Christian Life Movement gave us the use of their premises in the Jesus Maria Pastoral Center. In addition, that same year we expanded our work to the Sacred Heart of Mary Parish in Barranco in the south of Lima.

Many new children were arriving and we needed to offer better services. So in January 2001, we were happy to rent some small premises. In 2002, we moved to a newly rented place, now bigger and with more consulting offices and spaces in order to serve the children in a better way all the time.

We have a lot of dreams and we want to make them come true. We discovered that God has called us to help many children with palato-labial fissure and we want to do it! We thank all professionals and volunteers and all those who in so many ways help us to continue providing harmony and reconciliation not only to the faces but to the hearts of many people. God bless you!