My name is Christian Llerena, I’m 29 and I’m from Huancayo. In this opportunity let me share something with you which I think is very necessary. I was born with palato-labial fissure also known as hare lip.

I have not been able to overcome the physical problem of this malformation 100%, because when I was a baby I underwent bad surgery which in turn caused a number of operations throughout the years.

This way, I learned with my own life that if the initial operation is done incorrectly, it will be difficult to be fully fine physically. This has also prevented me from getting speech therapy in the correct way, because I have many atrophied oral and nasal muscles which put too much pressure on the nose and demand too much effort from the throat and as a consequence make the problem worse.

Friends I’m telling you about my case because it can serve as help and orientation to meny people, especially the mothers and fathers. I venture to tell them “Don’t feel bad because you have a child with fissure”; it has a solution. Go to ARMONIZAR where a team of professionals in palate and lip fissure can provide adequate and prompt treatment, and above all, they will help you achieve RECONCILIATION with yourselves, with others and with God.

Remember that a fissured person is just like anybody else. We are God’s children created throgh love in His image and likeness. (Christian Llerena)

I write as a grateful father. I don’t really know how much more progress my daughter can make in order to be able to smile, talk and live in harmony but so far, she laughs loudly, makes herself understood with a vocabulary suited to her nearly two years of age and lives in tender harmony with an environment which provides her attention and plenty of love.

You, no doubt, form part of that environment- intelligent , professional and dedicated- which contributes step by step so that my little one can accept and integrate herself smiling even more, talking even better and finally harmonizing with an increasingly strange world.

But that intelligence, professionalism and dedication which you instill in your actions would mean nothing without the Christian spirituality and fundament which constitute the substantial basis of the work of Armonizar.

(Mr. Mario Baca)

“Armonizar is an institution which gives help and support to children born with hare lip problems while at the same time providing orientation to the parents so that they know what to do in such cases. The attention provided is good and they also motivate parents not to neglect their children and to learn that this problem is nothing out of this world and that if we follow the indications they give us, the children will have good results”.

(Jean Paul’s father)

“Thanks to Armonizar, Lourdes is following her treatment. Here they help me a lot, I’m very grateful. What would I have done if I had not met you?”

(Mrs Lucy Castañeda- Mother of Lourdes Shardi)