A lot of children lack the economic resources to access the necessary rehabilitation treatment.

There are many ways to help the children to get adequate and timely attention to their needs.

Sponsor a child. By assuming the integral cost of treatment of a child of limited resources through a monthly donation of 100 USD.

Memeber of Armonizar. Through a monthly donation of 10, 20 or 50 USD.

Medical service. If you are a doctor, nurse or a health professional, donate your time for the treatment of children.

Voluntary service. Do some voluntary aid work for the benefit of the children in any of our institutional areas.

Prayer. Pray for the children and for those who work in Armonizar.

Armonizar does not get any governement financial support. All resources come from the generous contributions of donors.

In 2003, Armonizar needs help in order to:

Maintain the treatment of 80 children of limited resources.

Implement an early intervention program.

Implement the Ears-Nose-Throat (Otorrinolaringology) consulting service.

Connect all national hospitals and maternity wards through a quick telephone service to help new-borns with cleft plate.

Build the first stage of our rehabilitation center.